PERFECT TOUCH 1.30 mm. / 12 m.

  • Dyreex tennis string Perfect Touch 1.30 mm.  tennis multifilament high comfort
  • Dyreex perfect _touch - zoom on a 100% multifilament
  • Dyreex perfect _touch - zoom on a 100% multifilament cross section

Available gauge : 1.30 mm.
Packaging : 12 m.
Color : Natural.
Composition : Multifilament.

The Perfect Touch is a multifilament tennis string designed for ultimate gut-like playability. Each microfiber is impregnated with a polyurethane resin for optimal feel, comfort and playability. In addition, the Perfect Touch provides an excellent power while being arm friendly because its soft thermoplastic coating decreases the vibrations and so, the risk of tennis elbow. A great choice for players dealing with arm problems.