CLOUD² 12 m.


Gauge : 1.25 / 1.30  mm.
Packaging : 12 m.
Color : White.
Composition : Soft co-polyester monofilament + 100% multifilament.

Our new hybrid string, Cloud² is one of the more comfortable hybrids offered of the market. It includes Fibermax 1.25 mm, which blends comfort with impressive precision and control paired with a new multifilament 100% microfibers in gauge 1.30 mm, The result is one of the most amazing comfort strings ever made. Taken together, this combination gives you a phenomenal blend of control, comfort and soft feel.

Note : To emphasize control, spin and durability, put the copoly in the mains. To emphasize comfort, feel and touch, put the multifilament in the mains.