Are you Interested in becoming a Dyreex Sponsored Player/Ambassador?

Please complete the form below to find out if you’re eligible to any of the positions at the Dyreex Strings Team. Once submitted, our Dyreex staff will review your application and respond within 24-72 hours to the email provided in the form.


Ranked Tennis players willing to show their best on the courts having Dyreex tennis Strings as their primary weapon can apply to be rewarded with an awesome wholesale prices account so you can get as many strings as you like at an unique price along with additional apparel benefits depending on ranking.

Current ranking with equipment contract :

1 - 50 ATP = 15 rolls (200m) per year free of charge
50 - 150 ATP = 10 rolls (200m) per year free of charge
151 - 1000 ATP = 65% discount in the DYREEX online shop


Tennis directors, Coaches and Stringers that want to apply to be eligible for a special account with Dyreex Strings where you will be awarded with incredible Wholesale prices. We're sure your institution, students and customers will thank you for it!


Are you applying to become a DYREEX Sponsored Ranked Player or DYREEX Ambassador (Directors/Coaches/Stringer)?



Dyreex in Ukraine - Анна Пархоменкo - ITF player
Dyreex in Portugal - Tennis coach Francisco Chagas
Dyreex in Russia Mikhail Fufygin - Best ATP ranking 484
Dyreex in France - Amine Geneste player ranked 3/6
Dyreex in Russia - Roman Blokhin Best ATP ranking - 1498
Dyreex in France - Nicolas Rousset joueur classé 0
Dyreex in Australia - Team Pro Edge Tennis
Dyreex in Russia - Tennis coach Kirill Komarov - Best ATP ranking 1485
Dyreex in Belgium - Coach Tom Cuypers
Dyreex in Italia - Young gun Riccardo Eger
Dyreex in Brazil - Tennis coach Diego Chaves
Dyreex in kazakhstan - Denis Yevseyev - Bets ATP ranking 319
Dyreex in France - Thomas Laurent player ranked n°60