Dyreex Black Edge 

Review of tennis taste Italia :  http://tennistaste.com/dyreex-black-edge

Review of many stringers and players on stringforum.net : https://www.stringforum.net/strings.php?sdnr=5069

Ranked top 10 France powerful monofilament by temple du cordage : http://www.templeducordage.com/top-10-monofilament-puissance

Lab test of Dyreex Black Edge : https://hmasport.it/blogs/news/82970945-test-corda-dyreex-black-edge-1-25mm

Dyreex Black Ace (FIRST ROUND 1.15)

Review on youtube by Morrisfaitdutennis : https://youtu.be/SGgMYimP5Yc

Dyreex Black Edge Whirl

Lab test of Dyreex Black Edge Whirl : https://hmasport.it/blogs/news/85817793-test-corda-black-edge-whirl-di-dyreex

Dyreex Fibermax

Review on youtube by Morrisfaitdutennis https://youtu.be/SGgMYimP5Yc

Dyreex Hexablast

Lab test of Dyreex Hexablast (called Black Burst in 2016) : https://hmasport.it/blogs/news/83220289-test-corda-dyreex-black-burst-1-20-mm